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The origin of the Pentecostal movement in the very early of the 20th century and its growth thereafter can be compared to the growth of the mustard seed in the parable, our Lord and as we read in Mathew 13:31,32. Today the Pentecostal movement has spread its branches to the four corners of the world.

It so happened that some of the messages regarding the infilling of the Holy Spirit prepared and distributed by Mr. Burg as the "Midnight Echo" and "Midnight Cry" happened to fall in to the hands of Pastor K.E.Abraham. This encouraged him to seek for similar experience. One Sunday the 22nd April, 1923, he had a vision of the crucified Lord and started speaking in tongues. By January, 1924, there was a gathering of Pentecostal believers at Mulakuzha (Kerala). They used to come together for worship and for breaking of bread. Soon it developed into a Pentecostal Assembly. Such assemblies sprung up at places like Pandalam Vettiyar and Elanthoor (Kerala).


In the beginning this small groups did not have any special name. It was the God given vision to them that the ministry should go on independently without any domination from outside people, but with co-operation of people of like belief everywhere. At this time marriage had to be solemnized at Mulakuzha. This necessitated the printing of a marriage register and giving a name of the church. The name adopted was, "The South Indian Pentecostal Church of God."

Pastor Abraham shifted his residence to Kumbanad. At the new station he felt the need to open a Bible School to train the gospel workers. The Hebron Bible School came into being in June 1930 with just one teacher, Pastor Abraham. Pastor P.T. Chacko joined as teacher next year. Pastor P.M.Samuel, Kerala, co-worker of Pastor K.E.Abraham was led by the Holy spirit to Andhra Pradesh and thus by faith came to Vijayawada and started the ministry. Soon the ministry began flourishing in various parts of Andhra Pradesh and subsequently spread to Tamil Nadu.

As the work grew in other parts of India, it became necessary to give a relevant name and as per the decision of the council the name was changed to "The Indian Pentecostal Church of God".